Happy Easter friends; with some lights up north.
04.18.14 /16:05/ 1
Life is analogue.
04.14.14 /02:28
New set of aurora shots up. (at facebook.com/go70North)
04.10.14 /17:16/ 1
Slow but steady progress with my latest set of #aurora shots. Not too long anymore then it will be the midnight sun.
04.07.14 /17:07/ 1
Aurora season is coming to an end soon. During night it is not getting entirely dark anymore.
04.06.14 /17:07

Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind…. - Rolling Stones
 Don’t give up. #getoutdoors  Photo reblogged from explore-everywhere
04.02.14 /02:15/ 5
Arctic beam.  (at facebook.com/go70North)
04.01.14 /18:18
Looking forward to spring and summer. I will miss such days, however. (at facebook.com/go70North)
03.30.14 /17:56/ 1
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